Quitting Sugar Life

So the lovely ladies over at Foodtrainers are heading up an I Quit Sugar challenge for the rest of June, inspired by the book I Quit Sugar, by Sarah Wilson. I actually have the book and have been casually reading it for personal edification and recipe inspiration. It's a fun, easy, and informative read if you are interested in learning more about the sugar epidemic.


I decided to jump in on the challenge because my dear friend, Foodtrainer, and fellow dietitian, Joanna Li, RD, aka the Snack Queen (Twitter/Instagram: @snackqueenRD), convinced me to join with her ever-charming personality and promises of accountability. Plus I figure I could probably cut out some extra sugar in my day-to-day.

Fortunately, the Foodtrainers "rules" are not toooo far from my normal, but I do normally add sweetener to my coffee (honey or coconut palm sugar), I add fruit to my daily smoothie plus snack on fruit pretty often, and I also freaking LOVE dark chocolate. I am super grateful that they are cool with green juices (one fruit only) or coconut water, and alcohol (wine, beer, and spirits), in moderation of course.

The challenge started Monday, and we are now on Day 5. It hasn't been terrible, but I have been a little crankier than usual and might be overcompensating sugar withdrawals with excessive coffee intake. Not sure (it's also been a long week at work). They say this is supposed to go away. However, the good news is that I have completely weaned myself off of sweetener in my coffee (huge win), and noticed that the post-meal sweet cravings are going down a little bit. The morning smoothies have had one fruit with mostly greens and a side of hard boiled eggs. Mid-afternoon snacks that were previously fruit are now a handful of raw nuts. A couple of nights this week, instead of drinking a glass of wine WITH dinner, I saved it for after, which seemed to hit the spot. I also find that keeping almond butter around (read: spoon to mouth) has helped. 

The weekend might prove to be a bit more challenging, but I am feeling optimistic. This is where accountability is huge - Joanna and I have been emailing our experiences back and forth, plus posting on Instagram/Twitter with meal inspiration/challenges. Planning to continue that through the weekend! 

I think long-term, I will probably go back to eating my normal amount of fruit (around 2 servings per day), and may have my dark chocolate once in a while, but otherwise the other sources of sugar can probably take a backseat in my life anyway - but let's talk on June 30th hehe.

Have you ever considered quitting sugar? Perhaps this challenge is a great opportunity for you! You can do it gradually, too, if that works better for you. As Sarah and the Foodtrainers peeps say, this shouldn't feel like punishment, but could possibly help you go from feeling okay to feeling great!